Saturday, March 21, 2009

Eden's Celebrity Couple Break as Havers Is Thrown Out

The suspected split between Alexis Havers and longtime boyfriend, Jon Rossi, is official. After ongoing rumours about the couple's stability Eden's residents found themselves with a juicy celebrity moment as the actress packed her belongings and moved out of her Eden home with the couple's teenage twins, leaving her ex behind.

Alexis' representatives refuse to divulge details about what caused the break up, but do say that the split is an amicable one and that the couple remain "good friends."

A romantic start - will they stay friends?

Jon Rossi, who has been seen out and about, well-known as a professional party guest, has looked noticeably older in recent months, much older than his now ex. Is it just coincidence that the break up came on the heels of Rossi's elder birthday? Or has Alexis finally gotten tired of being with a man who has used her fame to further her career? For now, neither party will say for sure.

As Havers moves on she seems to have sucked the life out of Rossi

More exctingly the couples house has now been put on the market - yes, you can now live in a celebrity home, that is if you can afford it! With this treat in store for Eden residents I'm sure they'll be queuing round the block to take a peek in the home that has been ears and eyes to all the drama!

The couple's former home is listed on the market for sale.

• Author: Jane D'Sim
•Hood: Eden

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